Fees / Charges

  • Boarding fees are by the day. – This includes the day of arrival & the day of departure
  • All fees must be paid for prior to or on arrival. We accept cash or card payments. – We do not Accept American Express



Single animal deposit – £30

Double animal deposit – £40

These deposits secure your place and are non refundable. We cannot fill the spaces once the kennel or cat chalet is booked.

If any owners return early, the full booking fee is to be made

Reducing dates with less than 7 days notice will occur in the full bookings charge – we cannot fill these spaces at short notice

Boarding prices *Subject to increase every 1st of April*


  • £15.50 per day
  • Dogs sharing £15 per dog and only will be charged for one dog on the last day of boarding
  • Number of dogs sharing is subject to size and only dogs from the same family can share.



  • £10.50 per day
  • 2 cats £18.00 per day
  • 3 cats £27.00 per day
  • One cat charge of last day of boarding
  • 3 cats to a chalet maximum
  • Only cats front he same family can share


Health & Vaccinations

All animals must be vaccinated and of full health. We will accept Titre test but this doesn’t cover leptospirosis which must be vaccinated against.

Greenfields will always try to use the owners registered vet but if this is not possible, Greenfields is registered with the Dales veterinary surgery & will seek advice here.

Owners must give as much medical history as they can.
Greenfields will refuse any animal into their care if not deemed fit and healthy, showing signs of illness or severe aggression. We will seek veterinary advice

Cats over 6 months MUST be neutered
Animals sharing accommodation must be the same family and signed for by the owners.
We will separate any dogs/cats if showing any stress or aggression to each other – This will be charged for and must be paid on collection.

We are shut Xmas day, boxing day & New Years day to the public – a double charge will occur for these days – no pick up or drop off on these days

License Number

No: WK/218030179

Greenfields Price List

Kenneling charges:

  • £15.50 per dog per day
  • If dogs are sharing kennels, we will discount 50p per dog per day, with only one dog being charged on the last day


Cattery Charges

  • £10.50 per day


Cats sharing Chalets

  • 2 cats sharing £18
  • 3 Cats sharing £27
  • Maximum of 3 cats to a chalet


Day boarding

  • £10 a day (8:30 – 4:30)
  • Day & Play (Day boarding & Field walk) £15 per day
  • Extra Walk – Kennel Stay £6


Small animal boarding

  • £4.50 per day


Greenfields Kennels Dog walking and Day boarding Prices Including Social Play

  • Day boarding including 3 runs in secure compound run £10
  • Day boarding, 3 runs in secure run and social play on secure field at front £15

All owners must complete the socialisation form prior to any dogs mixing.

Greenfields will refuse the right to this service if we feel your dog is not suitable to socialise.

Please can we politely remind all customers that we do not operate an early morning pick up policy in busy school holidays or bank holidays. The reasons for this are numerous and mainly due to double booking in particularly busy periods due to non-collection.

We also request that customers have booked the ‘before 9am’ at the time of the original booking, not on arrival or collection, so we can organise the kennels and staff accordingly


Vaccination requirements

As a legal requirement any dog that stays with us has to have had their annual booster, this needs to have been done at least 2 weeks prior to your dogs stay. We will also need to see proof of this, usually via a vaccination card that your Vet will supply you. Although it is not essential, we do prefer that your dog has been vaccinated for Kennel Cough, also required 2 weeks prior to boarding.

Can Greenfields collect & drop off my pet?

Yes, we can collect your pet & drop them off for a small fee, we charge £20 for return trips on The Wirral & only £50 for the Liverpool area.

Can my dog have a bath?

They sure can, we can give your pooch all the pampering they require!

Should I bring food for my animal?

It’s up to you, we provide food as part of their stay, but, if you want to supply some treats, special food then feel free to bring them along.